Brands Scrolling List

  • TOMY
  • Tomy Games
  • Tomy Toomies
  • Lamaze
  • BOON
  • Aquadoodle
  • Megasketcher
  • Adorbs
  • John Deere
  • Barbabebe
  • WELL
  • Alecto
  • Wallaboo
  • Sassy Baby
  • Greentom
  • ByKay
  • VikingToys
Kaedra Ltd is engaged in import and distribution of baby and children's products since 2008 year. 
We are the official importer and distributor of Tomy Toomies, Tomy Games, Lamaze, BOON, Aquadoodle, John Deere, Adorbs, Megasketcher, Barbabebe, WELL, Alecto, Wallaboo, ByKay, VikingToys, Greentom, Sassy baby и Osann.

During our long professional experience we have selected with much attention and care the brands and products we offer on the Bulgarian market. Our main goal is to offer products of high quality, safe, useful, practical, beautiful and at affordable prices.
For us is very important our customer satisfaction and we appreciate every feedback we receive.

Best regards,
Kaedra Team